Twin Spirals

The Twin Spirals merged about one billion years ago, created from two equally large spiral galaxies attracted to one another by gravity. The convergence will eventually result in the formation of one large, elliptical galaxy billions of years from now; currently, the two cosmic structures maintain their distinct original shapes.

The “Twin Spirals” or “The Twins” are the common terms used to describe known space. “What in the Twin Spirals?” and “By the Twins!” are two common exclamations throughout the Solaris Republic.

The most populous galaxy is by far Prime, which was settled relatively early in galactic history and has seen thousands of years of colonization and development. The second galaxy, XXX, is still being actively explored and colonized. XXX represents a nearly unlimited source of new resources and is ripe for exploration and scientific discovery. Which, of course, makes it fertile ground for warfare between stellar powers.

Politically, the Twins consist of a handful of major stellar nations, scores of smaller powers, and countless independent planets, orbitals and colonies.

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Twin Spirals

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