Nexus is described as many things: a city without a planet, neutral ground, trader’s paradise, a black hole of morality. All of these things are true.

Nexus is a gargantuan, ever-expanding, space-borne compound operated by a board of independent business concerns, whose chief goal is the acquisition of profit and the fostering of free markets. The city serves both of these purposes nicely. Located near a gas giant in the uninhabited, unclaimed star system of XR90456, Nexus is a free trade haven existing in a constant state of growth and change. All factions and species are welcome here, as long as they have a balance on their currency card and keep the violence away from the marketplace. Government is almost non-existent, but a well-trained security force ensures things stay nice and orderly (at least in the areas where that sort of thing matters).

Nexus is one of the largest business hubs in the Twin Spirals. Any type of good or service can most likely be purchased in the city, and Nexus features a bustling stock market. Raw materials, starships, synthetics and most consumer goods can be found, as can less savory things like mercenaries, weapons and drugs. Nexus also has the Twin Spirals’ largest sex industry, and a thriving gambling district.

Tens of millions of beings live on Nexus, and despite the city’s reputation, there are a number of districts that feature middle- to upper-class housing and amenities. These citizens can afford to have the best security money can buy. Of course, there are countless working-class districts and outright slums, as well. Some of these areas are dens of squalor that border on anarchy. They’re also a great place to lay low if a being has drawn too much attention from one of the stellar nations.

Solaris Republic officials are advised to keep a low profile on Nexus, especially Oracles.

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