10 Important Setting Elements

X. Space Opera
Above all, Hyperspace is part of the space opera genre. Realistic technology takes a back seat to high-stakes adventure, exciting characters and exotic locales. Space opera is dramatic, epic in scale, optimistic in tone, and focused on heroic protagonists.

X. The Twin Spirals
The setting of Hyperspace is the Twin Spirals, two galaxies being pulled together by gravity over eons. The galaxy called Prime is fully explored and colonized, while the XXX galaxy is the frontier of known space, a place full of intrigue, conflict and exploration.

X. Major Species

X. Stellar Nations
There are eight major governments and/or megacorporations that control the majority of inhabited territory in the Twin Galaxies. The interplay between these stellar nations (especially in the Frontier) forms a large part of the political and military tension in the setting.

X. The Solaris Republic
The Solaris Republic was formed twenty standard years ago from the alliance of a handful of stellar nations that combined forces to stop the expansion of the Akaylan Empire. It is one of the two most powerful stellar nations. The Republic was founded on the principles of individual freedom, open markets, social welfare, and scientific progress. It is assumed the players will belong to the Republic.

X. The Akaylan Empire

X. The Cold War

X. The Frontier

X. Artificial Intelligence, Androids and Drones
Intelligent machines are fully integrated into Republic society. Androids and drones live in harmony with biological citizens and starship computers control the systems of spaceborne vessels. Intelligent computers regulate habitats and interact with their inhabitants. A.I.s give recommendations to Mesh browsers. Most Collective citizens couldn’t imagine life without artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, there are regulations in place to protect the biological labor force, and most stellar nations (with some marked exceptions) restrict the manufacture of artificial beings except for government-approved purposes.

X. Orbitals

X. Banned Technology

X. K’Rath

10 Important Setting Elements

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