The Mesh

The Mesh is the ubiquitous, decentralized, wireless network of media, communications, computers and artificial intelligences that can be found throughout Solaris Republic space, similar to (but far more advanced than) the Internet of the real world.

Nearly all biological citizens interface with the Mesh through a tiny brain implant inserted in early childhood which contains a personal A.I. assistant. Artificial citizens can usually access the Mesh directly.

Other common ways of interfacing include holovid displays, tablets, interaction with A.I., voice-command virtual reality overlays, or any number of other methods.

The Mesh is the distribution channel for media content, entertainment, news, information, music, video games, etc., all of which is stored within the network. The Mesh has virtually unlimited storage space.

A large portion of the Mesh network is located in hyperspace, allowing high-speed communication between users located across the galaxies. For example, viewers in Elendra and XXX can watch the same live broadcast of a sporting event with virtually no delay, and naval vessels located across the galaxies can instantaneously exchange encrypted communications.

Most stellar nations have some version of the Mesh, with similar technology. Communication between meshes is common but not always reliable.

Game Note: Republic citizens (both artificial and biological) with direct neural access to the Mesh gain a d8 on any Knowledge roll as long as they have a connection to the Mesh and take one regular action to access the network. The GM may limit the availability of this advantage if the subject is obscure or classified.

Note: The Mesh is intentionally not a “Matrix”/“Ghost in the Shell”-type network. Hyperspace is meant to be about two-fisted exploration and laser-blasting combat, not virtual fighting between online avatars.

The Mesh

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