Terra is the original home system of the Human species. Once a wasteland of radiation and out-of-control climate change, Terra has been terraformed recently. The planet is now a virgin paradise dotted with several small Human settlements, and serves as a popular resort destination.

Galaxy: Prime
Stellar Nation: Solaris Republic
Star System: Ra
Star Type: Class G (yellow)
Planets: 8

Planet type: Terrestrial
Moons: 1
Standard hours per day: 24
Standard days per year: 365
Planetary Gravity: Standard
Dominant Terrain: Temperate forests
Atmosphere: Normal density; nitrogen-oxygen
Climate: Temperate

Population: 50 million
Population Density: Very sparse
Capital: New Lyda
Dominant Government: Republic
Dominant Law: Average
Economy: Capitalism
Technology Level: Second-class
Spaceport: Small



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