Solaris Republic

Capital: Elendra

The Solaris Republic is a chartered confederation of around 10 major species spread over 1,000 worlds and orbitals, totaling roughly 1 trillion citizens, both biological or artificial. It is one of the largest and most powerful stellar nations in the Twin Spirals. It was founded on the principles of individual freedom, open markets, social welfare, and scientific progress.

The Republic was formed 20 years ago, the merger of five independent stellar nations, following the end of the Akaylan-Alliance War. The five nations fought for decades against Akaylan expansion, finally winning a decisive victory that saw an end to the Empire’s aggression and the acquisition of Akaylan territory. The nations, already working in concert for so long, realized that forming a federation was the best path to long-term peace and prosperity. The original nations still exist in the form of officially recognized “territories.”

Republic citizens (“Solarians”) enjoy the best standard of living in the Twin Galaxies, thanks to their respect for science and sentient rights. Access to advanced medicine is free and universal except for the most isolated of colonists. Most citizens enjoy a long and disease-free life, and sub-sentient machines take care of the most grueling physical labor; conversely, progressive labor laws prevent automatons from significantly cutting into the nation’s biological workforce.

The official language of the Republic is Standard, which was designed to be easily spoken and understood by as many species as possible.

The Republic Assembly consists of an Upper Chamber, where each settlement with a population of over 1 billion is represented by a single senator, and a 2,000-member Lower Chamber, containing one delegate for roughly every 500 million citizens. Many delegates represent the interests of several star systems. There are currently 114 senators. The Assembly is re-elected every five years. There are no proper political parties within the Assembly, but ad hoc blocs of mutual interested representatives are common.

The Republic chief executive, called the Senator-General, is chosen from the membership of the Upper Chamber. The Senator-General also acts as the commander-in-chief of the military and the head of state. The office cycles between each of the five Solaris territories; after each Assembly election, a new Senator-General from the succeeding territory is chosen.

The Five Territories
XXX: The most economically developed area of the Republic.

Non-Human species native to the Republic may take on some of the stereotypical behaviors of Humans from their territories; in fact, Humans and non-Humans from the same territory often have more in common than two non-Humans of the same species from different territories.

Ten stereotypical (American) traits:
-obsessed with violence



-loyal to group

-averse to change
-reliant on authority

The Republic has one of the most powerful militaries in the Twin Spirals, with an impressive naval fleet rivaled only by the Akaylan Empire. The nation also has a vast number of science and exploration vessels spread throughout known space. Enlistment in any branch of the military is completely voluntary.

Immigration and Refugees
The Republic is a destination for immigrants and a place of asylum for refugees, and therefore practically every species in the galaxies is represented somewhere.

Over the last several years, the Republic has taken on sizeable populations of Grell and Kurros looking to escape the destruction of the Grell-Kuros War. This has caused some concern among native Solarians, as well as Republic intelligence officials concerned about espionage.

Game Notes

Members of the Republic receive the free Edge, Solaris Republic Citizen:

Solaris Republic Citizen
Requirements: Novice
The hero is a member of the Solaris Republic and enjoys the benefits of its great technology. He ages slowly and is immune to most diseases when treatment at a Republic medical facility is available. He has a direct neural link to The Mesh, giving him a free d8 in all Knowledge rolls as long as the Mesh link is enabled and its A.I. is active. Initiating this link takes one regular action. The GM can limit the benefits of this Edge in certain situations.

Solaris Republic

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