The Oracles, officially known as the Psionic Security and Law-Enforcement Agency, are a police and spy division of the Solaris Republic, composed entirely of psykers.

The responsibilities of the Oracles include covert operations both foreign and domestic, intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, combating domestic corruption and fighting galactic piracy operations. Spoken of less openly is the role the Oracles play as the Republic’s secret police, ferreting out treasonous activity (especially Akaylan spies and sympathizers). The group also investigates and neutralizes incidents of nanotechnology and antimatter manufacture.

There is a small department within the Oracle agency that studies the relics and prophecies of the Autochthonians. These Oracles are looked upon as oddballs by the rest of the agency, but there’s no denying that their work has led to some interesting discoveries.

To become an Oracle, one must possess the potential for psionic powers and undergo nearly a standard year of intense training and education. The training combines aspects of armed and unarmed combat, espionage, law-enforcement, physical and mental fitness, and methods of improving psionic abilities. Many psykers wash out of the program.

Oracles are known to use any means necessary to defend the Collective. This only adds to the agency’s fearsome reputation throughout the Twin Spirals.


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