Elendra is an orbital and the capital of the Solaris Republic. It is one of the most populous and cosmopolitan habitats in the Twin Spirals. Elendra is where the Solaris Charter was drafted, named after the system’s sun.

Galaxy: Prime
Stellar Nation: Solaris Republic
Star System: Solaris
Star Type: Class G (yellow)
Planets: 8

Planet type: Orbital
Moons: 0
Standard hours per day: 24
Standard days per year: 336 (7 days/week, 4 weeks/month, 12 months/year)
Planetary Gravity: Standard
Dominant Terrain: Temperate plains, urban
Atmosphere: Standard, nitrogen-oxygen
Climate: Temperate

Population: 50 billion
Population Density: Dense
Capital: Cherice
Dominant Government: Republic
Dominant Law: Average
Economy: Capitalism
Technology Level: First-class
Spaceport: Extensive



Hyperspace Raz9000x