As well as biological species, sentient artificial intelligences (synthetics and drones) are also members of Solaris Republic.

Drones are floating robotic units, usually around the size of a Human head, with no visible moving parts. Drones get around the limitations of this inanimation with the ability to project force fields: both those capable of physical force, which allow them to manipulate objects, as well as visible, colored fields called “auras”, which are used to enable the drone to express emotion. There is a complex code of drone body language based on aura colors and patterns (which is fully understood by most biological Republic citizens as well). Drones speak whatever languages they’re programmed with, and almost always speak Standard.

Drones are roughly comparable in intelligence and social status to that of the Republic’s biological members. Although programmed for a certain purpose, sentient drones are full individuals, with their own personalities, opinions and quirks. Like biological citizens, drones generally have unique given names.

There are regulations in place to protect the biological labor force, and most stellar nations (with some marked exceptions) restrict the manufacture of artificial beings except for government-approved purposes.

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Game Statistics:

Construct ( +8): Drones are artificial beings who add + 2 to recover from being shaken, don’t breathe, ignore one level of wound modifiers and are immune to poison and disease. Drones cannot heal naturally. To heal a drone requires the Repair skill – which is used like the Healing skill only with no “Golden Hour.”
Dependency ( –2): Drones must recharge via strong electricity at least one hour out of every 24. Failure to do so results in Fatigue each day that can lead to Incapacitation. Each level is recovered with an hour of recharging.
Detached ( -3): Drones lack the drive and willpower of biological beings. Their Spirit can never advance beyond a d6.
Environmental Weakness (Electricity, -1): Drones suffer + 4 additional damage from electrical attacks, and have a -4 penalty to resist other electrical effects.
Flight ( +2): Drones can fly and hover at will thanks to built-in repulsors. The repulsors run completely quietly.
Mods (+1): Drones may not use cyberware, but they may purchase Modifications from the Robot Modifications Table (SFC: 38). Like all robots, they have 5 Mod slots. [The Geared Up Edge (SFC: 12) might help you afford these upgrades.] Drones cannot take Increase Size. Drones may remove or install a Mod with a Repair roll and 1d3 hours (half that with a raise). A critical failure means the Mod is destroyed and must be replaced.
Small ( -1): Drones are smaller than most beings and suffer a –1 to Toughness.
Vow Hindrance (Major, –2): Drones are programmed with a particular purpose. Player character drones have broad directives such as serving a particular corporation or political faction. This counts as a Major Vow to that particular directive which must be followed. If this ever causes a conflict of interest, the player and GM must figure out what the drone’s programming requires.


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